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October GCLC Fide Rated Chess Development Program 2019

Last update 27.10.2019 07:35:03, Creator/Last Upload: genius chess learning center

Starting rank list of players

4Abd Rahman Syazrin5703824MAS1568
5Mohd Nasir Mohd Khairi5731771MAS1435
6Mohd Razali Rayn5743583MAS1150
3M Mohd Nur Megat Muhd Iman5735440MAS1106
7Adnan Airell Ikhwan5794544MAS0
8Ahmad Adil Ameen35811455MAS0
10Allana Safiya AdnanMAS0
9Idris Arif Fahmi5793432MAS0
2Sulaiman Muhd Zaim Al Ziqri Shah35809477MAS0
1Syazrin Hadif Imran35811552MAS0
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