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Santo Rosario St. Fiesta U15 Open Chess Tournament

Last update 07.10.2019 15:38:51, Creator/Last Upload: raf_urge

Starting rank

1ARANEZ Carl RoyPHI0Hilongos Leyte
2GUDILOS Marc LloydPHI0Hindang Leyte
3LABOR RhazelPHI0Inopacan Leyte
4LABOR RheannPHI0Inopacan Leyte
5LABOR RheynzPHI0Inopacan Leyte
6LORETO AlfonsoPHI0Baybay City
7LORETO BritzPHI0Baybay City
8LORETO John FritzPHI0Baybay City
9LORETO Nakka MaePHI0Baybay City
10LUZON ElmariePHI0Hilongos Leyte
11RAMOS Merry FiePHI0Hilongos Leyte
12SEMILLA Jhon LaurencePHI0Hilongos Leyte
13VILLACORTE Nena MaePHI0Inopacan Leyte
14CAVALTERA Matt DiniellePHI0Hindang Leyte
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