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Lighthouse Inter Schools Chess Tournament 2019 Under 10

Last update 07.10.2019 08:39:04, Creator/Last Upload: james mwangi

Starting rank

1Arav PandyaKEN0Oshwal Academy Mombasa
2Bradley WathimbaKEN0Seedlings School, Nairobi
3Dhruv Paresh ShahKEN0Oshwal Academy Mombasa
4Ethan MainaKEN0Aga Khan Academy
5Faith MutethyaKEN0Golden Knight Chess Club
6Gakenya NyamburaKEN0SOS School
7Genevieve MaashaoKEN0Golden Knight Chess Club
8Liam ManyalaKEN0Aga Khan Academy
9Mumo MuseiKEN0Seedlings School, Nairobi
10Nashuan MgendiKEN0Seedlings School, Nairoi
11Paula MirukaKEN0Busybee Academy
12Shubh JaideepKEN0Oshwal Academy Mombasa
13Vir HariaKEN0Oshwal Academy Mombasa
14Yvonne MwasheKEN0Oshwal Academy Mombasa
15Zaneta MicheallaKEN0Golden Kight
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