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Cupa Ziua Armatei - grupa B / Adjud / 20 oct 2019

Last update 21.10.2019 22:06:22, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1FCBejan Robert Andrei439059901001U08Acs "gambit" Husi
2FCBejan Stefan-Cristian439060801001U10Acs "gambit" Husi
3FCBuzdugan Andreea439051201001wU10Acs "gambit" Husi
4FCDima Vlad-Alexandru4040198129691401001U10Acs Regional De Sah ''Nord-Est" Bac
5FCDinu Victor4040199128874101001U08Acs Regional De Sah ''Nord-Est" Bac
6FCEnache Constantin-Bogdan441025901001U10Acs De Sah Paloda Adjud
7FCMercas Lavinia-Elena439062901001wU10Acs "gambit" Husi
8FCMerla Alexandru439047701001U12Acs "gambit" Husi
9FCMerla Madalina439061101001wU08Acs "gambit" Husi
10FCPopov Andrei439061501001U08Acs "gambit" Husi
11FCProdan Mihai-Gabriel439058301001U12Acs "gambit" Husi
12FCRomila Alexandru439062201001U12Acs "gambit" Husi
13FCTaivan Radu-Valentin439061901001U08Acs "gambit" Husi
14FCUngureanu Stefania-Florentina439063501001wU10Acs "gambit" Husi
15Besleagă Bianca-Maria001001wU10CSM Focsani 2007
16Dascalescu Adelin-Stefan001001U10CSM Focsani 2007
17Dragoi Stefan001001U10Acs De Sah Paloda Adjud
18Gheorghita Mihai001001U08Acs De Sah Paloda Adjud
19Luca-Filip Iulia001001wU10Acs de Sah Paloda Adjud
20Lungu Giulia001001wU10Csm Focsani 2007
21Martinic Biatrice001001wU10Clubul Copiilor Pascani
22Martinic Razvan-Valentin001001U10Clubul Copiilor Pascani
23Paraschiv Bibic George-Nectarie001001U08Acs de Sah Paloda Adjud
24Pila Denis-Ionut001001U10CSM Focsani 2007
25Tabacaru Maria001001wU10Acs de Sah Paloda Adjud
26Toia Filip-Andrei001001U08Csm Focsani 2007
27Mihalache Maria-Magdalena001001wU08Acs "gambit" Husi
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