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Last update 25.09.2019 06:05:05, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Juarez Flores Carlos A.Gua2276Blitz 17o Fenag 2019
2Guzman OswaldoGUA2222Blitz 17o Fenag 2019
3Juarez F. RobertoGUA2068Blitz 17o Fenag 2019
4Flores Mynor AdolfoQtz1988Blitz Eduardo Rojas Qtgo 2019
5Schmid B. StuardoGUA1981Blitz 17o Fenag 2019
6Morales Jorge NeryGUA1890Xvi Blitz Adag 2019
7Quintana Juan JoseGUA18882003
8Masaya AlejandroGUA1850Blitz 16o Fenag 2019
9Piedrasanta EduardoGUA1838Blitz 17o Fenag 2019
10Ordoñez EfrainGUA14879o Blitz Adag 2018
11Jacobo NestorGUA1409Xv Blitz Adag 2019
12Jacobo AshlyGUA1400Blitz 14o Fenag 2019
13Tobar DanielGUA1400
14Tobar DiegoGUA1400
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