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Last update 04.09.2019 04:16:25, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Guzman OswaldoGUA2164Xv Blitz Adag 2019
2Juarez F. RobertoGUA2107Xv Blitz Adag 2019
3Juarez F. GustavoGUA2056Xv Blitz Adag 2019
4Masaya AlejandroGUA1961Blitz 15o Fenag 2019
5Monzon CalixtoGUA1902Blitz 15o Fenag 2019
6Muñoz HenryGUA1885Blitz 15o Fenag 2019
7Piedrasanta EduardoGUA1844Xv Blitz Adag 2019
8Villatoro ChristopherGUA1844Xv Blitz Adag 2019
9Jop Ronald SamuelGUA1833Xv Blitz Adag 2019
10Palencia JulioGUA1805Xii Blitz Adag 2019
11Mendez José PedroGUA1785Xi Blitz Adag 2019
12Estrada VictorGUA1715Xv Blitz Adag 2019
13Juarez Juan CGUA1703Xv Blitz Adag 2019
14Rodriguez PedroGUA1685Blitz 15o Fenag 2019
15Jop LauraGUA1675Xv Blitz Adag 2019
16Zunnun MynorGUA1650Sma
17Arreaga EmanuelGUA1647Xv Blitz Adag 2019
18Arreaga FredyGUA1512Xv Blitz Adag 2019
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