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The International Go-Makkah Chess Festival 2019 S2100

Last update 30.10.2019 13:32:26, Creator: akrem jemai,Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank

1GMStefansson Hannes2300087ISL2538
2GMMiezis Normunds11600136LAT2486
3IMEzat Mohamed10600906EGY2458
4GMRomero Holmes Alfonso2200066ESP2414
5IMKjartansson David2301130ISL2401
6IMKohlweyer Bernd4600622GER2319
7IMAmeir Moheb10600620EGY2308
8FMAmdouni Zoubaier5500419TUN2290
9IMHenni Mohamed7900171ALG2205
10CMBouzidi Ahmed5501733TUN2197
11CMAl Ghamdi Ahmed M21500150KSA2113
12Rian Saad9002170MAR2100
13FMZrikem Nassim9002693MAR2090
14IMRian Moubarak9001247MAR2048
15Alkrnaf Mohamed Othman9211152LBA1915
16Ahmed Alrehily21518840KSA1827
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