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II IRT Sub 1700 "Mercedes de San Martin y Escalada" _ Federación Mendocina de Ajedrez

Last update 30.08.2019 06:47:16, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Lobo Carlos144100ARG1674Club Circulo de Obreros (Catamarca)
2Zuvich Emil114790ARG1650Fed. Mendocina
3AFMPugliese Emiliano138517ARG1640Bib. Franklin San Juan
4Ocampo Heraldo169714ARG1618Club Circulo de Obreros (Catamarca)
5Pereyra Gabriel Elias164275ARG1556Bib. Franklin San Juan
6Rodriguez Matias183245ARG1531Fed. Mendocina
7Gomez Mauricio153001ARG1501Fed. Mendocina
8Tsotras Nicolas Daniel172243ARG1475Fed. Mendocina
9Serrano Cesar183253ARG1416Fed. Mendocina
10Arena Carlos192244ARG1378Fed. Mendocina
11Vasquez Franco151289ARG1363Fed. Mendocina
12Sanchez Santiago168106ARG1358Fed. Mendocina
13Zanola Carlos183261ARG1352Fed. Mendocina
14Barros Rocio188395ARG1333Fed. Mendocina
15Gomez Belen151874ARG1309Fed. Mendocina
16Lieby Camilo Julian161012ARG1306Fed. Mendocina
17Quispe Fernando134074ARG1305Bib. Franklin San Juan
18Monardez Gabriel174394ARG1254Bib. Franklin San Juan
19Mondaca Diego151220ARG1242Fed. Mendocina
20Portero Federico169722ARG1192Club Circulo de Obreros (Catamarca)
21Lieby Juan Sebastian161225ARG1165Fed. Mendocina
22Portero Maximiliano167908ARG1124Club Circulo de Obreros (Catamarca)
23Zumel Ricardo155942ARG1120Bib. Franklin San Juan
24Cortes Nahuel183180ARG1085Fed. Mendocina
25Acosta JoseARG0Fed. Mendocina
26Arroyat NahuelARG0Fed. Mendocina
27Bollati BrunoARG0Fed. Mendocina
28Bustos AgustinARG0Fed. Mendocina
29Crespin ArielARG0Fed. Mendocina
30Cuevas YaminahARG0Fed. Mendocina
31De Marchi Gaston190284ARG0Fed. Mendocina
32De Marchi JoanARG0Fed. Mendocina
33De Monte Leandro188417ARG0Fed. Mendocina
34Diaz Rocio180521ARG0Fed. Mendocina
35Estrada Agustin190314ARG0Fed. Mendocina
36Estrada Pablo AntonioARG0Fed. Mendocina
37Gallardo Juan Matias178993ARG0Fed. Mendocina
38Gomez MalkaARG0Fed. Mendocina
39Guayama AgustinARG0Fed. Mendocina
40Gutierrez FabricioARG0Fed. Mendocina
41Gutierrez KevinARG0Fed. Mendocina
42Jara Arnaldo180548ARG0Fed. Mendocina
43Luffi AgustinaARG0Fed. Mendocina
44Luffi Nahuel190322ARG0Fed. Mendocina
45Maturano EstebanARG0Bib. Franklin San Juan
46Mendoza CesarARG0Fed. Mendocina
47Mocayar Maria EmiliaARG0Fed. Mendocina
48Montoya Lucia190330ARG0Fed. Mendocina
49Otoya PedroARG0Fed. Mendocina
50Palacio BrunoARG0Fed. Mendocina
51Puita AlexARG0Fed. Mendocina
52Rojas Quiroga MaximoARG0Fed. Mendocina
53Ticlia EmilioARG0Fed. Mendocina
54Torres GabrielARG0Fed. Mendocina
55Valenzuela Brisa LudmilaARG0Fed. Mendocina
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