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BBCA Monthly Rapidplay Open - July 2019

Last update 28.07.2019 20:27:55, Creator/Last Upload: hsca

Starting rank

1Radovanovic Jovica245224SRB225BBCA
2Tokranovs Dmitrijs321615LAT218BBCA
3Kolasa Pjotrs0LAT189Latvia
4Pousada Garcia Daniel294094ESP185Bolton
5Lucchi Lorenzo0ITA183Italy
6Kamath Raghu274073ENG161BBCA
7Dunne Christopher247524ENG158Newham
8Mcgettigan Andrew129029ENG156BBCA
9Maraiyesa Seun Wole293975ENG155BBCA
10Finnegan Oliver122453ENG154BBCA
11Barrett Carlton106289ENG153Essex Ca
12Dhemrait Jagdeep280561ENG153Harrow
13Madden Steve277809ENG153Athenaeum
14Khan Tariq306081ENG151BBCA
15Mugalu Hassan292081ENG151BBCA
16Brass Ezra291573ENG150Haberdashers Askes Sch Herts
17Patel Rishi294653ENG149Harrow
18Choudhury Mostaque162956ENG142BBCA
19Islam Mohammed290075BAN141BBCA
20Willis Graham126816ENG136Cowley
21Hossain M Mohammed Ashraf311256ENG135BBCA
22Ankit Dalal0IND134
23Riley Adrian K173106ENG132Cowley
24Somupillai Gengadharan118693ENG121South Norwood
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