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Torneo de Ajedrez Litoral Online - Invierno 2019 - Categoria B

Last update 20.08.2019 18:15:59, Creator/Last Upload: crr-comisiontecnica

Starting rank

1Ayala AgustinARG0
2Baragaño FrancoARG0
3Baragaño JuanARG0
4Benitez TomasARG0
5Caciolato MarcosARG0
6Camilo AgustinARG0
7Carisimo ArielARG0
8Carmona Palma PacoARG0
9Carruega FacundoARG0
10Cejas GabrielARG0
11Davalos Ana MariaARG0
12Gallo AgustinARG0
13Kanasawa TomoeARG0
14Ledezma JavierARG0
15Mappe NicolasARG0
16Mantulak MelisaARG0
17Morales JoaquinARG0
18Palavecino NicolasARG0
19Palavecino WalterARG0
20Parana NicolasARG0
21Pedroso JonatanARG0
22Perez LautaroARG0
23Quezada Lorca FavioARG0
24Ruiz AlanARG0
25Sabo FranciscoARG0
26Sanchez AlbertoARG0
27Sule AgustinARG0
28Tapponier EduardoARG0
29Torres JoaquinARG0
30Vallejos KalilARG0
31Moschen CristoferARG0
32Penelli FrancoARG0
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