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Kingston Rapidplay: FIDE Major Under 160 Section Richard Mayo Centre, KT1 1HZ

Last update 27.07.2019 18:54:36, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1TELLO Yasser432113ENG1920
2TIVILLIER Jacques417254ENG1831
3CARLUCCI Paul A420263ENG1816
4SILVA PENA Angel David24576832ESP1768
5FINNEGAN Oliver442259ENG1731
6STANNERS Michael J437212ENG1728
7COLE Graham431559ENG1717
8LIMONOV Petr438464ENG1683
9MADDEN Steve427187ENG1652
10MARAIYESA Wole466018ENG1648
11MOSS Stephen433110ENG1626
12PEPE Salvatore427160ENG1608
13LAWRENCE Roy A410195ENG1599
14TORRANCE John418099SCO1592
15BOVTRAMOVICS Vladimirs11603925LAT1553
16LAWRENCE David J418374ENG1522
17STEWART Hari448583ENG1484
18HADDOCK Paul419150ENG1434
19SARKAR Rian472646ENG1319
20SLACK William479594ENG125