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106th British Chess Championships Over 65

Last update 04.08.2019 16:24:34, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Wright Daniel402397ENG2235
2Shephard Chris Cw470953ENG2214
3Emerson Roger424099ENG2181
4FMFriedgood David401226ENG2177
5Hutchinson Paul A411558ENG2177
6Orton Stephen La414921ENG2167
7CMNorman Kenneth I402419ENG2121
8Bowmer Kevin416690ENG2107
9Page Mark E417050ENG2102
10Brameld Arthur F407933ENG2091
11CMAnderton David W401668ENG2088
12Bray Dave J466115ENG2085
13Jones Chris408786ENG2036
14Hewson Brian Wr437484ENG2035
15Burnett Jim402273ENG2018
16Habershon Paul F409065ENG2017
17Wager John D420204ENG2014
18Kelly Ian G406538ENG2000
19CMReuben Stewart405256ENG1996
20Myall Ivan J425168ENG1993
21Hutchinson Norman A411540ENG1983
22Milnes Anthony Cp409634ENG1974
23Moore Geoffrey R446181ENG1964
24Pickersgill Adrian O404519ENG1948
25Campbell Ian415219ENG1945
26Stimpson Philip M409235ENG1935
27De Coverly Roger D405213ENG1928
28Thynne Trefor F419893ENG1913
29Skinner Nicholas H448060ENG1905
30Levens David G413763ENG1904
31Marshall Michael O1409956DEN1885
32Smith David24615692ENG1878
33Charnley Bernard J447935ENG1875
34Collins Peter M409715ENG1868
35Fisher C Phillip417459ENG1843
36Gamble Raymond J406066ENG1835
37Towers Nigel S404071ENG1830
38Goodwin Ed H408972ENG1825
39Tidmarsh David A413801ENG1809
40Moore Gillian A411175ENG1807
41Ramage Colin R437620ENG1798
42Hughes Peter414468ENG1794
43Dennis Nigel W408913ENG1745
44Blewitt Stephen D442887ENG1744
45Walkowiak Adam2405806SCO1698
46Cresswell Mike J470139ENG1685
47WCMNorman Dinah M402621ENG1680
48Rhodes Lawrence442062ENG1607
49Kearsley Raymond J470562ENG1598
50O'brien Paul W469629ENG1590