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Last update 06.08.2019 10:50:12, Creator/Last Upload: federación marplatense de ajedrez

Starting rank

1Grossi David171115ARG2148Libre
2Cuello Alcaria Juan Ignacio 177024ARG2040Credicoop
3Lerner Maximiliano2028
4Goncalvez JuanARG2008
5Barroso AlbertoARG1978
6Vizcay PabloARG1967
7Couso JuanARG0
8Bacino GustavoARG1903
9Guzman FernandoARG1960
10Gaudini MartinARG1887
11Monte LucianoARG1701
12Del Bianco Juan Carlos126489ARG1807Credicoop
13Cares Gabriel121851ARG1875Credicoop
14Schlomkiis DanielARG1849
15Varela ArielARG1673Credicoop
16Kobse MartinARG0
17Rodriguez LionelARG1592
18Pili GabrielARG1668
19Annichini SantiagoARG1607
20Borghetti DomingoARG1531
21Cares Ernesto ARG1465Credicoop
22Costantino RubenARG1410
23Delicio Felipe BenjaminARG1400
24Juarez LuisARG1400Credicoop
25Delicio FabianARG0
26Vidal JuanARG1400
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