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Torneo Relampago de Padres

Last update 29.06.2019 23:04:32, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Starting rank

1Boggiano Pereira Miguel A.3102750PUR1927
2Matos Santoni Gamalier3102009PUR1797
3Garcia Figueroa Kevin J.3108210PUR1738
4Soriano Pereira Raymond3107710PUR1676
5Sanchez Martinez Xavier3108171PUR1647
6Garcia Montalvo Samuel I.3108201PUR1613
7Acevedo Candelaria Eduardo3102289PUR1610
8Garcia Figueroa Nathaniel I.3108228PUR1604
9Pedrosa Class Jose D.3105920PUR1604
10Crespo Soto Yasiel J.3108120PUR1528
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