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3er Clasico de Ajedrez Dr. EUGENIO CEDEÑO, La Romana 2019 Clase B

Last update 25.06.2019 01:48:04, Creator/Last Upload: education license (until 31.12.2019)

Starting rank

1Payan Del Rio Luis Horacio6405738DOM1777La Romana
2Mejia Vasquez Jose Miguel6423752DOM1591La Romana
3King Rodriguez Os Misael6419461DOM1549La Romana
4Diaz Diaz FedericoDOM1835La Romana
5Charles Avila Daniel6422209DOM1742La Romana
6Mejia Guerrero Lindo Jose6419500DOM1703La Romana
7Suresa Camacho Amauris6416373DOM1636La Romana
8Payan Keri AndresDOM0La Romana
9Payano Rodriguez DamianDOM0La Romana
10Zacarias George Gerlin DamianDOM0La Romana
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