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Open - Kataklysmos Blitz 2019

Darrera actualització15.06.2019 13:27:53, Creador/Darrera càrrega: cyprus chess federation

Llista del rànquing inicial

2CMMichaelides Konstantinos5901871CYP2181Larnaca Chess Club
15CMDamianou Ioannis5902355CYP2154Nicosia Chess Club
13CMConstantinou Pavlos5900328CYP2049Larnaca Chess Club
1AGMSkettos Nicolas5900670CYP2013PA.SY.D.Y.-NIcosia Chess Club
3AIMAristotelous Vassilis5900468CYP1864Limassol Chess Club
5AGMGeorgiou Andreas5900360CYP1725PA.SY.D.Y.-NIcosia Chess Club
11Damianou Pantelis5900336CYP1669NIcosia Chess Club
8Vourlis-Koletis Miltiadis25800710GRE1643
9Antoniou Rafail5904390CYP1524Nicosia Chess Club
12Hatzinikolaou Spyridon4241711GRE1488Limassol Chess Club
6AIMHadjinicolaou Andreas5901103CYP1405Famagusta Chess Club
10Theocharous Vassilis5903130CYP1380Larnaca Chess Club
16Biolkini Alexandr5903556CYP1306Limassol Chess Club
7Georgiou Kyriakos5903351CYP0Larnaca Chess Club
14Loizou MinasCYP0Larnaca Chess Club
4Stoyanov Momchil5906970CYP0
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