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Olympic Day Jugal Inter School Chess Tournament-2019 Boys U16

Last update 15.06.2019 11:51:23, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1Basnet AnjanNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
2K.C AnuragNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
3Karki SauravNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
4Kathayat RochakNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
5Khadka AviNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
6Khadka RiteshNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
7Khadka SmithNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
8Khatri RojalNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
9Koirala AnishNEP0Bright Future Sec. School
10Nepal SuvashNEP0Shree Kul School
11Putwar PukarNEP0Laligurans School
12Rai SuprimNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
13Sharma ChiragNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
14Shrestha SumitNEP0Laligurans School
15Yadav KrishNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
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