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2019 Welsh Open Major Championship

Posledná aktualizácia 22.04.2019 21:49:03, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Štartová listina

1Van Veelen Thomas1032267NED2056
2Roberts David L407720ENG1999
3Robinson David1801368WLS1905
4Timmins Chris P471119ENG1888
5Summers Charles1801660WLS1859
6Phillips William414344ENG1843
7Buttell David416720WLS1809
8Borkowski J Andrew1803786WLS1796
9Quinn Peter1805460WLS1784
10Blackmore Simon1803808WLS1738
11Thomas Roy1803190WLS1737
12Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1730
13Simpson Rui483761ENG1718
14Fox Chris1802607WLS1685
15Morgans Justin1804898WLS1660
16Camp Syringa Lyn421898WLS1655
17Parri Deio1802259WLS1652
18Evans Thomas465941ENG1650
19Fraser Susanna1803921WLS1649
20Williams Gavin1804081WLS1646
21Williams Stephen1803140WLS1644
22Hurn Robert Aj1801929WLS1623
23Probert Malcolm1802305WLS1585
24Watkins Peter1803409WLS1570
25Bennett Tom1803034WLS1566
26Lewis David1805134WLS1558
27Harding Gareth1804839WLS1557
28Mcintosh Rachel1804570WLS1502
29White Sam1803417WLS1498
30Sipho Donovon451010ENG1486
31Mcintosh David1804561WLS1484
32Mason Edward1803972WLS1319
33O`rourke Kevin1802151WLS1253