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Last update 23.02.2019 16:06:01, Creator: asaad ismael tawfeeq,Last Upload: iraqi chess federation

Starting rank list of players

3Ali Gatee4801997IRQ1981
6Amjad M Alwan4804074IRQ1957
1Habeeb Kairullah Lafta4806140IRQ1876
4Alalwan Sajjad Abbas Khudhair4812395IRQ1780
10Firas Forat Hussein4803213IRQ1772
7Murtadha Mhammad Hamadi4802829IRQ1766
5Abed Shahwaz Hasan4802179IRQ1754
9Hayder Kathan Mahmood4805380IRQ1703
2Abbas Abdul Zahra Abbas4806778IRQ1687
8CMZaid Alaa Chasib4811623IRQ1661
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