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1st Under 1800 tournament 2019

Last update 13.01.2019 18:46:09, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank

1Alsharhan Musaed10300694KUW1701
2Hussain Hashem10300716KUW1688
3Alothman Salem10301186KUW1593
4Almousawi Saleh10303383KUW1517
5Alruwayeh Talal10303278KUW1440
6Alhassan Meshari10300848KUW1416
7Alenezi Hamad10301577KUW1399
8Aljadi Hussain10303332KUW1391
9Rami Talab7609787SYR1352
10Alasad Tareq10303260KUW1322
11Alfahad Naser10303340KUW1298
12Shfakah Turki10302565KUW1207
13Almutairi Mohammad Hammad10303421KUW1176
14Btain Abdulaziz10303430KUW1118
15Al Subaie Nasser10300589KUW0
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