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17. Int. Schach-Open Neumarkt am Wallersee (AUT) C-Bewerb

Last update 31.08.2019 19:40:01, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub neumarkt

Starting rank

1Stronk KlausGER1568
2Greuter Thomas1631853AUT1506
3Grüner David1635581AUT1505
4Strassmair Christian1656880AUT1484
5Bräuer Mario1652702AUT1465
6Bruckmoser Franz1600141AUT1445
7Dummert Norbert1631845AUT1432
8Winkler Manfred1658476AUT1402
9Leitner Christian1665391AUT1198
10Burgstaller Bastian1664867AUT1197
11Meisl Walter1601164AUT1192
12Pavlov Alexander1665804AUT1178
13Homolja David1667149AUT1136
14Winkler Johannes1664689AUT1122
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