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LBN Final 2018

Last update 29.01.2019 23:29:06, Creator/Last Upload: lebanese chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1FMKhairallah Faisal4628250LBN2274
8FMEl Jawich Amro5300380LBN2260
9FMNajjar Ahmad5300100LBN2210
11FMKassis Antoine5300150LBN2159
6CMAl Kaoury Mahdi5302803LBN2127
10CMAbdulaziz Mahmoud5300401LBN2108
4Moudallal Tarek5300630LBN2027
3Asmar Elie5301432LBN2016
5Al Salman Mohamad5301726LBN1939
7Nassar Marc5304261LBN1889
12Houmsi Ghassan5300410LBN1852
2Kaloust Giorgio5303699LBN1822
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