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27Oct Monthly Cat A Seniors

Last update 27.10.2018 16:27:22, Creator/Last Upload: ghana chess-federation

Starting rank

1Adjetey JeremiahGHA0
2Agarwal KrishangGHA0
3Allotey JohnGHA0
4Annang Nii AdamGHA0
5Barnor MaryGHA0
6Barnor RebeccaGHA0
7Daftary MalavGHA0
8Kotey EmmanuelGHA0
9Norvi IssacGHA0
10Rajput MananGHA0
11Rushkesh EagaGHA0
12Sahijiwani DhirajGHA0
13Shunjaiy JoshanGHA0
14Sovereign JosephGHA0
15Vandyke LarryGHA0
16Yedhu KrishnanGHA0
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