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Malta Championship Candidates 2018

Last update 03.08.2018 10:41:26, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Thake Conrad5602947MLT0
2Darmanin Jake5601061MLT2062
3CMVella Duncan5600243MLT1994
4Said Oliver5600405MLT1984
5CMPsaila Clarence5600359MLT1964
6CMZerafa Patrick5600375MLT1958
7WFMCaruana Pulpan Oana5600502MLT1904
8Richards John5600030MLT1763
9Fleri Matthew5602165MLT1643
10Stagno Matteo5602254MLT1599
11Sammut Ron5600260MLT1594
12Fleri Luke5602173MLT1584
13Gatt Matthias5601452MLT1550
14Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1529
15Stagno Milena5602289MLT1390
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